This page exist, because I feel itchy when I see a white sheet and a pencil.

My motto is :”A Sheet should never be unused! Something must be written on it to give it value! If not, the tree shed his life for nothing!” So there I’m, armed with my pencil, and blackening them happily.

Someday the result will be “good”, other day “so, so” and when I will be particularly lucky: “Awesome!”. But… The journey is mostly the same for all artist. All that we see and love is the result of a prudent stroke tingled with calculation, a bold one of madness, and a shade of chance; so what was once mistake becomes sublime elegance.

With this, welcome possible friend/fan/and Client!

I’m Jean Mohab and I hope to have a good time with you in our future collaboration.

I speak: French, Creole, English…

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